I come from a family that has bred Labradors to
the English AKC standard- I look for key things,
not only about the breed, but proper socialization.
I had been screening breeders for months, and
after speaking with her, I felt very confident that
she raised her puppies in the way that I had been
looking for. I came with the intention of getting
only one, but after the visit, I knew I had to have
both brother and sister. My boyfriend and I
couldn't be happier. Newby and Perl are the most
quiet, lovable puppies I have ever owned. Since
they are so unique, they attract attention wherever
they go- and people are always asking about
them! Since they came from a breeder who
started raising them the right way
training/socializing them was easy and we are
proud to show them off to anyone and everyone
who asks. They have made the perfect addition to
our family, and now our lives are complete. Thank
you Judy, for giving us such quality new family
members that we adore.
Carissa  & Jeffrey

Just wanted to give you a little update on
Well, he is probaby the goofiest, most
playful, loveable dog I have ever
seen. He is constantly making us laugh,
and always needs to be snuggled up
next to one of us. His favorite thing to do is
go for walks on campus,
especially with all the leaves falling. He
loves to roll around in them. We
always try to play fetch with him, but he
doesn't really seem to understand
the "bring it back" part. Everyone knows
Lego, and sometimes I even take
him to work with me in one of the academic
buildings, because my boss loves
to play with him. The professors in that
building want to make him a
therapy dog for stressed out seniors,
because he makes everyone smile.

I was just looking at your website, and I
was so excited when I saw you
have more doxie puppies. The one named
Benjamin looks just like Lego when
he was that small! I would love to get Lego
a little brother or sister but
we'll probably wait a little while for that. I
attached some pictures of
him all grown up (sniff). He's still a teeny
little one though compared to
other mini dachshunds. He hasn't really
been a big eater--just takes what
makes him full, then saves the rest for later.
I always worry he's too
thin, but I feel like he's just naturally that
weight, since the vet told
us he's in perfect condition. He's our little
baby, and thanks again for
being such a great breeder. Maybe
someday we'll be back to get another baby

--Melissa (and Chris).

I apologize for not calling you, we were just having so much fun at my mom’s with the
puppy that the time slipped away from me. Then I left my cell phone at her house with my
papers, so I don’t have your number on me. That’s why I’m sending this e-mail. We just
returned home from my mother’s house. Billy Jo is awesome !! She is even cuter than her
picture. She handled the flight very well. We only had to wait about 40 min. for her to arrive.
She is such a happy and playful puppy, we just absolutely lover her. She played in the yard
for a long time, then we took her in the house and showed her the bed we had bought for her.
She pounced around in the bed, then went and played with each and every toy we had for her.
All of the toys eventually ended up in her bed with her rolling around with them. It was so
funny !!! I took a whole bunch of pictures, but my camera is the old fashion film version, so I
can’t send them via e-mail. She found her food bowls with no problem and ate all of her
dinner. Billy Jo took a nap on my youngest son’s chest, and he was thrilled. My Mom and
Dad are incredibly happy, it’s just wonderful to see them with her. So you can rest easy now,
knowing that your baby is safe and sound. Thank you so very much for blessing our lives
with her. Take care.   Tammie :o)

Dear Judy:

It has been almost a year since we met you and found our
Oliver. He has been a fantastic addition to our family. He
loves to play hide-n-seek with the children. It is hilarious
to watch! And he will snuggle with anyone who grabs a
blanket. He looks just like Cricket and has the sleek build
of Jonah. The perfect combination!

We just gave your info to an acquaintance who heard of
Ollie from a mutual friend. Hopefully this will work out
for both of you.

Attaching some pics from Halloween. When the children
got Ollie on Christmas, they decided that day they would
be catsup & mustard and the dog...a hot dog. They were
the hit of the neighborhood!

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving,
Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy, prosperous

Lynette Willis for the family
Hi Judy,

Thought you might want to
see how Tucker Benjamin
is doing. We are all grateful to
have him around. He
makes as laugh all the time.

Hope all is well with you and
all they other puppies!

sincerely, Tina Skoczlas
Dear Judy-
I apologize that it has taken us so long to contact you. We are absolutely loving the
addition to our family...Oliver. We have never heard our children belly laugh so much
as we have in the past month.

Oliver is a perfect fit into our family. He loves to play chase with the children, play
rough with Tom and he is my cuddle buddy at any given moment. He transitions so
quickly from wild to calm. Our friends and family that have seen "Ollie" absolutely
love him too. In fact, we have had several ask for your name and number. So if your
minis have more pups, we know of about three people that would give it serious
consideration. However, I know that we could look for 50 years and never find another
Oliver. He really looks like Cricket and seems to be built like Jonah. What an awesome
blend! He is very intelligent and learning what we expect fairly quickly. Does not enjoy
the cold weather, therefore potty training has been a little slower. But he will go on the
paper in his "room" most every time. How lucky are we?! We love him so much. Here
are a few pics from Christmas. Hope you enjoy them. Again, thank you.

The Willis Family
Hi Judy, I wanted to touch base and
update you on Winnie ... what a great
little girl she is ... I was shocked the first
night when I put her in her kennel and
did not hear a sound, as long as she
could see me ... we sleep with the kennel
next to the bed on a stand so that she
can see us. Even better was watching
the joy she seems to have as soon as
she gets a chance to play in the grass
...and even better than that is the fact
that she pees and poops as soon as she
hits the grass. What a wonderful baby
doll she is. She watches everything and
learns quickly - we are back and forth
between the country and the city and
she rides in the car - starts out crying
but then settles. On these really hot
days I have also had her in the
swimming pool and she seems to enjoy
the relief from the heat but sleeps
immediately afterwards. I can definitely
tell you that we love her, Thank You So
Much for the most well adjusted puppy
one could ask for!
Good morning Judy-
We had a good trip back to Warren. Oliver cried a short bit then settled in and slept
the rest of the way. He is doing great with his big sisters. They are establishing their
pack order and deciding who is going to mother him when. Oliver slept excellent. I
was prepared for a long night and he did great. I got up twice with our oldest fur baby
and just grabbed him out of his cage and took him out just to give him the chance. He
settled right back in and slept until 6 this morning. I will be more than happy to give
you a testimony and I will send pictures as Oliver matures. He is very confident and
not at all hesitant to fit right in. He was sleeping on the end of the leather sofa last
night with all four feet in the air! Very submissive and sure of himself!
Thanks again for such a handsome boy. He has been a great addition to our
family.               Heidi
Hi Judy!
Just wanted to send a quick email and let you know that Millie is doing
incredibly well. She loved her new big brother Cooper at first sight. She
came right up to him and kissed his face when they met. She's so
friendly and is completely comfortable being handled by people. She
also has a rambunctious side, and can really tear up her toys when she's
up and going. :) She sleeps through the night like an angel and she's very
comfortable being crated. I just want to thank you for raising such a
sweet, well-adjusted puppy. We couldn't have asked for a better little
girl; she fits our family beautifully. Also, everyone keeps raving about
how cute she is. We can't help but agree. :)
Thank you again! I'll send some pictures soon!   Jess
Forgot to mention in my last email, but I think we got the gerbil-speaking
puppy. She is hilariously vocal when she wants something from you and
you're not complying quickly enough! It's not quite barking, it's not quite
growling, it's just gerbil-ing. :)
I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to tell you how much we
love little Cabella.  She is an ABSOLUTE doll and such a
wonderful addition to our family!  If I could take her with me
everywhere I went, I would!  She is not only beautiful, but so
intelligent and sweet, we all just adore her.  She has given our
older boxer, Daisy, a new lease on life and they play together all
day, even when we are not home!  Daisy is much more playful
and younger in spirit now that Cabella has joined our family.  
Keep doing what you are doing raising these amazing little
pups, they are so worth it!!  I will forward pictures once my
home computer is fixed, but I just had to tell you how much we
love her and I really can’t say enough about her disposition, her
sweet, sweet nature and her beauty!  Thank you, Judy, for
helping me to see that a working family could have a puppy, and
what a wonderful addition she is!!!  God bless you.
Just wanted to let you know how
much we are loving our new puppy.  
He is super smart and is adjusting
very well.  Here are a few pictures
of Bentley on his first day home.  
Thank you!!!
Hi Judy,

I hope this finds you and your family well!  Cabella is doing wonderfully and such a joyful addition to
our family!  She is AMAZING.  I can’t say enough about her.  I was just talking about you today and
wanted to let you know I was thinking of you.  I was relaying the story of how I felt that Cabella was
meant for us and after I met you I knew that God put her in our family.  Thank you for all you do with
these pups, I am a customer for life and look to you as our mentor for these sweet beings.  I have to
tell you that Cabella has not only been a gift to the humans in the family, but she has given our boxer,
Daisy a new life.  Daisy plays more and is so much happier having a little buddy to play with each
day.  We all see such a positive change in Daisy’s well-being that we KNOW Cabella was meant for
us.  They truly are best friends.  It is nothing short of heart-warming. I also wanted to wish you and
your family a very Merry Christmas and may the peace of Christ be with you!
Warmest regards,Tara
Hi Judy!

Just wanted to let you know that Millie is
doing wonderfully. She loves her brother
Cooper, and she's growing like a weed.
We've decided she'll be a ballerina for
Halloween. I'll send you that picture in a
few months :) Thanks again for raising
such a great puppy!

- Jess
Hey Judy, I hope all is well on your
doggy paradise up north! Just
thought I would give you an update
on Wally. Everyone adores the little
guy! He has grown so much in the
short amount of time we have had him
and boy is he fast! You should see
him run laps around the house, he
loves running around my room
especially. Oh and Wally loves his
toys, but he loves his empty water
bottles as well. He's teething at the
moment and gnaws on them for
hours. Everyone thinks he is the
cutest thing, even the Dunkin' Donuts
workers when we go through the
drive-thru! His white markings and
floppy ears are a big hit! He's very
social and I bring him to the office
with me most days, he's everybody's
favorite door greeter. I just wanted to
thank you again for the wonderful
addition to our family and I'll be sure
to send you a pic of him in his
Halloween collar! Attached is a
picture of him at the office. :)

Ashley Hunter
Hi Judy,
Just wanted to touch base and tell
you how much we love our babies.
Both are born to cuddle. They are
full of love and energy for each
other and anyone that comes close
enough for them to get They are
jealous little guys, if someone in the
house is getting too much attention
Chewie wiggles his way in and
Gunner becomes vocal. They are
quite comical. Gunner is the bigger
of the two but Chewie refuses to be
bullied by him, sometimes it creates
a hilarious floor show. They are
loved everyday more and more. I
couldn't be happier that we came for
one and walked out with two
absolutely beautiful babies. I'll send
more pictures soon.
Thanks again
Lori Murphy
Thanks Everyone!  Etta is as
small as she looks Susan.  
Gayle is testimony to Judy's
dogs ... they are sweet, smart
and so much fun.  
Tricia Wood DeMarco

We love our mini doxie.  
Thanks Judy Cook. The
sweetest dog we have ever
owned.  He makes me laugh
every day.
Gayle Werner
Hi Judy,

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! I wanted to send you some pictures of
Benji(the Santa costume is the most recent) and let you know that he is doing
very well! He was the most well adjusted puppy we could've asked for. He
even slept all the way through the night the first few nights we had him! He is
very smart and very sweet. Him and Benson get along better than we
could've ever imagined. They are inseparable and the best of friends. Benji
did very well during the holiday. We had 15 people over our place for
Thanksgiving and he is so friendly and does great with new people!
Everyone just melts when they see him because he is so cute!!  We even
hired a dog walker. She started yesterday and is great with the dogs. It is
such a blessing having Benji in our home and we can't thank you enough!   
Your dogs are amazing and I raved and raved about our experience so I’m never worried about
getting a great family member from you.  I know it would help Cabella and I feel like she is so young
that I hate the thought of her being alone when we are not home for the rest of her years.  I know all of
our other dogs were on their own, but she just seems so loving that she really misses our Daisy girl to
pal around with.  Cabella has never been alone since the day she was born.  I’m torn.  It’s weird, not
like we all don’t love dogs and make them part of the family in everything we do, but I feel like we
humans aren’t ready (Daisy was a rock for us all) but little Cabella might need this.  For the first time I’
m thinking about getting a dog for my dog rather than my kids!!  Cabella is so social with other dogs
and plays with our neighbors little dog, but it’s not the same as having a full time buddy.
I’ll be watching your site – looking for a cuddly snuggle bug like Cabella.  Take care Judy and Happy
holidays!   Tara
Hello my name is Cory Root.  We got Bentley now known as Rudolph from you.  I
thought I would email you to tell you how he is doing.  He is doing great he is an
awesome dog and part of our family.  He likes chasing bunnies and ripping
sqeekers out of toys. He likes cuddling and taking naps.  We wouldn't know what
to do without him.  The picture of him in the snow was published in the local
newspaper recently.  Thanks for a great dog.

                               Cory and Monika
                                  Townville, PA
Hi Judy,

I hope all is well with you. Benji is doing
very well. We recently got him neutered
and he continues to put big smiles on
everyone's faces that he comes in contact
with. We love him so much and he is so
much fun to be around. Brian and I
recently got engaged and Benji and
Benson helped with the proposal. See
attachment! I also attached a very recent
picture of Benji. He is a gorgeous dog.

Thanks again for everything.
IVY   Owner:  Michele Sult
ZOEY    Owner:  Kelly Sult
Michele & Kelly are sisters
AND horse girls.  They don't
have time to write a testimony
because they're too busy, but
trust me ..... They LOVE their
dogs to death!
Hello Judy!  Just wanted to give you an
update!  Epcot is fantastic and a whole 6
and a half months old! He is perfectly
housebroken and rings a bell to go
potty!  He's perfect for our family and
Josh just loves him. He comes to work
with me every day. The clients love him
and I'm sure your business will be
booming that much more from my
glowing reviews and his awesome

Vet Jennifer
Hey Judy!
Tj and I waned to tell everyone how
precious and sweet our baby boy is!
We have the most loving,
protective,cutest little dachshund!
He is 5 months old now and just so
much fun. He plays all day long but
when it's time for bed he jumps on
our pillows and curls up in a ball
and sleeps by our heads. He is so
full of energy and life and is so
loyal. We are so blessed to have
met you and have found the perfect
addition to our family! Can't wait to
get another pup for Jasper to love
and play with!

Ashley and Tj
Ashtabula Ohio
Johnny Cash  Owner: Annie


Pine Grove Doxies
The most well adjusted puppies you will ever find!
JudyAnn Cook
10693 Wildman Rd.
Wattsburg, PA. 16442
Pine Grove Doxies / Pine Grove Stable   Copyright (c)  2001  All Rights Reserved

Petey rode home beautifully; not a peep. He went to a
baseball game tonight and was a 'big hit'. Petey has gone
potty outside a few times and ate his dinner from his new
bowls. He and our St. Bernard, Murphy, have been
introduced and seem to be doing just fine!  We could not be
more happy with him!
The Hill family
Hello Judy,  I hope all is well on your Doxie
paradise up north and wanted to touch
base with you regarding the lovely little
guy I got from you two years ago as of
August 25, 2015. He is all I could ever
want in a dog and more.  so lovable, so
quirky, so playful and he can make anyone
laugh.  He makes everyday so enjoyable
and never fails to light up our household.  
I've had countless people tell me how
absolutely adorable and beautiful he is.  
I've even had a couple ask me if he's a
miniature collie because of his coloring!  I
just wanted to take the time to thank you
again for our little guy Waldo and to wish
you and your family a wonderful holiday.

Thanks again,   Ashley
We adore Lucy, she’
s such a good girl!
Emmit is doing great. Thank
you for letting us adopt a
puppy. You may hear from us
next sring.
Maximus is sleeping through the
night with only one potty reak about
midnight.  I usually get up at 4 so he’
s doing great in that respect. And
potty training is going great!! He is
very smart.
 Teddy is awesome. He has made 12
year old Suzie a puppy again. He is
very well loved. We are the lucky
ones.  (new message) Hi Judy, just
wanted to take a moment to send
you a big thank you. Teddy is 2
today and we can never thank you
enough for bringing him into our
lives. Suzie loves her little brother.
She is now 13 years old and going
strong all because of Teddy! We
can never thank you enough! He has
brought such joy into our lives.
Jasper is adjusting well to his new
home!! We love him so much!!
Ronan is so handsome. He is doing
really really well!
Hi Judy!  We just wanted to say hi!  
Benji is the best! We love him so
much! Thanks again for all you did
for us. Maybe in the future Benji will
need a friend!
Just wanted to let you
know that Freddy is doing
great! He is lovable and
very smart.
We had such a wonderful day with
Hazel!! She slept through the night
and didn’t make a peep until 6:30.
She went potty outside every time.
She couldn’t be sweeter. No signs
of stress or sadness. You’ve given
us the perfect puppy
Cricket takes Maine!  This little boy has been such a joy to travel with. He
handles the long car rides like a champ and has a blast scaling coastal rocks
and trails. My uncle and aunt have fallen absolutely in love with him. Such a
great boy. We have recommended you and your pups to several people who
have been looking for doxies. We just love Cricket!  I can’t even explain to you
how much Cricket means to me.  He’s just the greatest think I could ask for.
Oliver gives us both focus and many
many much needed smiles!
Dexter is extremely
healthy, and happy. He
is well loved and
brings a lot of joy to my
whole family. I get
TONS of compliments
on how well he behaves
and how cute he is.
These beauties are doing
just fine!  I am so glad we
found you and now have
our little girls.
Parker is doing great!! He came in
first place for his heat and 3rd in the
semi-final in the running of the
wieners!! He also made it to the
beach and loves the sand! Thanks
again for such a great dog! I couldn’t
be more happy with him.  He is just a
great dog!  I’ve already given many
referrals to you guys. He’s an
amazing dog!
This guy couldn’t be anymore loved
than what he is.  He is adored by
all!! He likes to sit up!
We adore her!
Finn adjusted
perfectly! Merry
Teddy's First Bath!
Willows 1st birthday! She is the
adsolute love of my life! She’s so
smart and funny!