Interested in purchasing a puppy from us?    We would like to talk to you on the phone and get to know you a
little bit.  We believe we have a huge responsibility to place our beautiful little puppies in safe, loving homes.
Your deposit is non-refundable if for some reason you choose at a later time not to purchase the puppy.   
Please remember, these puppies go fast and it's only fair that  buyers have the right to bring their new
puppy home at the proper time of their lives - so that the bonding process can begin.  

Deposit / Payments:  Can be made through paypal but you must add a 3% charge to any amount you send.  
You would send payment to:  You can send a personal check if sent far
enough in advance to cash (10 days),
written out to:  Judy Ann Cook.   The balance that is owed must be
paid in full in
CASH ONLY on the day of pick up.

Pricing:  I sell nice quality puppies for a very reasonable price.  Along with this I do not give out registration
papers and request that the puppy be spay or neutered before 8 months.


JudyAnn Cook
10693 Wildman Rd.
Wattsburg, PA. 16442
Message me at:   814-882-2322   or

A NONREFUNDABLE deposit of $ _______________ was received on ________________________

from:___________________________________________ to hold the said Dachshund puppy below:

Dam: ___________________________ Sire: _______________________________________________

Whelped: _______________________ Sex: _______________________________________________

Color: __________________________ Pattern/Coat: ________________________________________

Limited Registration XXX     Full AKC Registration XXX      No Registration Papers ______________

Purchase Price $ _________

The balance of $ _________________ is to be paid in full By:  
Date of pick up - CASH ONLY

If the balance is not paid in full by the above stated date, the deposit and all monies paid are considered
forfeited to the breeder and the puppy is available to be sold to another party.

If the Buyer changes their mind and decides to not purchase the puppy, the deposit and monies paid are
considered forfeited to the Breeder and the puppy is available for sale to another party.

These puppies are of nice quality and I am selling them below the prices you will find out there. Because
of this I do not give out registration papers and I request that you get your puppy spay or neutered before
8 months.  I also request that at any time you can no longer keep your puppy that you notify me so that I
can help place him or her in a good loving home.

I have read the "Deposit on Dachshund" and understand and adhere to the conditions of the sale.

Breeder: JudyAnn Cook               Signature:________________________ Date _________________

Buyer: _____________________________________________ Date ___________________________

Buyer's address: ______________________________________________________________________

Buyer's Phone Number:  _______________________________________________________________

Buyer's Signature: ____________________________________________________________________


Buyer’s Guarantee

If within 7 days following the sale a licensed veterinarian of the buyer’s certifies that , at the time of sale,
the puppy was unfit for purchase due to illness or disease, or if, within 1 year following the sale of the
puppy subject to this section, a licensed veterinarian of the buyers certifies such puppy to be unfit for
purchase due to a congenital or hereditary disorder which adversely affects the health of the puppy the
seller shall afford the buyer the right to choose one of the following options:  Exclusions:  If the buyer
does not take the puppy to the veterinarian within 7 days of receiving the puppy the guarantee is null
and void.

The right to return the puppy and receive an exchange puppy of the buyer’s choice of equivalent value
or pay the difference. The cost of returning the puppy is the responsibility of the buyer.

The buyer must notify the seller within 2 business days after the veterinarian’s determination that the
puppy is unfit.  The written certification of unfitness must be presented to the seller not later than 3
business days following receipt thereof by the buyer.

The seller may specifically state at the time of sale, in writing to the buyer, the presence of specific
congenital or hereditary disorders, in which case the consumer has no right to any refund or exchange
for those disorders.

A puppy may not be determined unfit for sale on account of an injury sustained or illness contracted after
the buyer takes possession of the puppy.  A veterinary finding of intestinal or external parasites is not
grounds for declaring a puppy unfit for sale unless the animal in clinically ill because of that condition.   

Date: _____________________     Puppy Description:______________________________________

Seller:  JudyAnn Cook                        Address:  10693 Wildman Rd.  Wattsburg, PA. 16442

Phone Numbers:   814-882-2322               Email Address:   

Seller’s Signature: _________________________________________

Buyer:_____________________________           Address:__________________________________

Phone Numbers: _________________________ Email Address: _________________________

Buyer’s Signature:  ________________________________________

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Pine Grove Doxies
The most well adjusted puppies you will ever find!
JudyAnn Cook
10693 Wildman Rd.
Wattsburg, PA. 16442
814-882-2322 Cell - Message me

1.        Your puppy will need 2 more puppy shots.  Space them 3 to 4 weeks apart.

2.        Your puppy will need a rabies shot around 20 weeks

3.        Your puppy will need wormed every month with simple puppy wormer until at least 6 months. You can
purchase this at Walmart or Tractor Supply. One worming should include the medicine that kills tapeworms,
roundworms and hookworm.  I use Sentry Worm X Plus (just use this product at 6 months) which I buy at Tractor
Supply.  When worming your puppy make sure to follow the directions and worm for your puppy’s proper weight.

4.        I feed my puppies “Purina Puppy Chow.”  At this age they are fed a small handful 3 times per day. If they’re
hesitant to eat try soaking it in warm water. If you switch them over to a holistic food wait at least 2 wks then do

5.        Please keep your puppy comfortable and stress free for the first few days.  Moving to their new home is hard
on their immune system. Shots and wormings also depress their immune system so be sure to keep your puppy
stress free on the days he or she is wormed or given shots.  

6.        Now enjoy your puppy and I’ll see you back in a year or two.  Most families that get a little doxie from me need
to have another!! My puppies are the most loving, sweetest little puppies in the world.

Going Home:        Your puppy is use to being with its’ siblings. He or she is going to be rather scared and nervous
going to their new home.  Some puppies cry up a storm the first couple of nights but then they adjust to their new
surroundings.  Some families have been successful by putting a small crate on a chair next to their bed so that the
puppy can still see them.  The minute a puppy wakes up they WILL pee. You must always get your puppy outside the
second they wake up.  It works nice to have a section of newspaper on the lawn where you’d like your puppy to go.
Put rocks on either end to keep it there.  When you’re puppy makes a mistake in the house clean it up with enzyme
killer but take that dirty paper towel and smear it on the newspaper outside to put the odor there.  
In the beginning do not leave water down 24/7.  Some puppies will over drink and you’ll never get control of their
peeing. Feed them 3 then 2 times a day in very small amounts. ALWAYS have water down for them for at least ½
hour during feeding time.  Then pick it up until the next feeding. Always put your puppy outside to go right after
eating. They WILL need to poop very soon!  FLEA CONTROL: While your puppy is too young for flea control
products and medicines here’s what to do:  Dip a flea comb in a glass of rubbing alcohol or Dawn dish soap in water,
then comb through the puppy’s coat. Dip frequently and don’t miss any places on the puppy.

situation comes up that you need to re-home your puppy.  I WILL assist you in doing so.   Thank you!