Hi Judy, I wanted to touch base and update you on Winnie ... what a great little girl she is ... I was shocked the first night
when I put her in her kennel and did not hear a sound, as long as she could see me ... we sleep with the kennel next to the
bed on a stand so that she can see us. Even better was watching the joy she seems to have as soon as she gets a chance
to play in the grass ...and even better than that is the fact that she pees and poops as soon as she hits the grass. What a
wonderful baby doll she is. She watches everything and learns quickly - we are back and forth between the country and the
city and she rides in the car - starts out crying but then settles. On these really hot days I have also had her in the swimming
pool and she seems to enjoy the relief from the heat but sleeps immediately afterwards. I can definitely tell you that we love
her, Thank You So Much for the most well adjusted puppy one could ask for!
Hi Judy!
Just wanted to send a quick email and let you know that Millie is doing incredibly well. She loved her new big brother Cooper
at first sight. She came right up to him and kissed his face when they met. She's so friendly and is completely comfortable
being handled by people. She also has a rambunctious side, and can really tear up her toys when she's up and going. :)
She sleeps through the night like an angel and she's very comfortable being crated. I just want to thank you for raising such
a sweet, well-adjusted puppy. We couldn't have asked for a better little girl; she fits our family beautifully. Also, everyone
keeps raving about how cute she is. We can't help but agree. :)
Thank you again! I'll send some pictures soon!   Jess
Forgot to mention in my last email, but I think we got the gerbil-speaking puppy. She is hilariously vocal when she wants
something from you and you're not complying quickly enough! It's not quite barking, it's not quite growling, it's just gerbil-ing.
Good morning Judy-
We had a good trip back to Warren. Oliver cried a short bit then settled in and slept the rest of the way. He is doing great
with his big sisters. They are establishing their pack order and deciding who is going to mother him when. Oliver slept
excellent. I was prepared for a long night and he did great. I got up twice with our oldest fur baby and just grabbed him out of
his cage and took him out just to give him the chance. He settled right back in and slept until 6 this morning.
I will be more than happy to give you a testimony and I will send pictures as Oliver matures. He is very confident and not at all
hesitant to fit right in. He was sleeping on the end of the leather sofa last night with all four feet in the air! Very submissive
and sure of himself!
Thanks again for such a handsome boy. He has been a great addition to our family.               Heidi
I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to tell you how much we love little Cabella.  She is an ABSOLUTE doll and such a
wonderful addition to our family!  If I could take her with me everywhere I went, I would!  She is not only beautiful, but so
intelligent and sweet, we all just adore her.  She has given our older boxer, Daisy, a new lease on life and they play together
all day, even when we are not home!  Daisy is much more playful and younger in spirit now that Cabella has joined our family.  
Keep doing what you are doing raising these amazing little pups, they are so worth it!!  I will forward pictures once my home
computer is fixed, but I just had to tell you how much we love her and I really can’t say enough about her disposition, her
sweet, sweet nature and her beauty!  Thank you, Judy, for helping me to see that a working family could have a puppy, and
what a wonderful addition she is!!!  God bless you,                      Tara L.
Pine Grove Doxies
Buttercup was accidental killed
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so sad about this and we will
miss her very much! She was a
GREAT dog!!
Dr. Amy delivered Buttercups
babies on 5-16-2013.  Amy was the
best Vet I have ever had. She had a
kind soul and will be missed by
Rest In Peace Dear Amy
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