Our goal as miniature dachshund breeders is to produce the very best puppies we can,
with an emphases on developing a happy and well adjusted little puppy ready to go to his
or her new home and provide that family with a healthy, lovable, new family member.  We
specialize in the Long Hair Doxies.  We've found that they by far, have the best
temperament.  We have been breeding dogs off and on for over 20 years. We are located
in a little town called Wattsburg, right outside the city of Erie, PA.  We have lived here for
over 21 years now and we truly enjoy the country life style. My husband and I raised 3
daughters and now have 10 beautiful grandchildren.  Our animals include 2 horses,  and
of course our "house dogs."  Most of my time is spent with my animals.  There's the basic
care and then the training of the horses and the love and attention every pet deserves. I
have loved animals all my life and there is hardly a picture in our family album that I'm not
holding some kind of animal.  I was training our family dog before I even entered
Kindergarten.  I truly believe animals are God's most wonderful gift to us.  They can fulfill
us in so many ways.  It is our responsibility to give them the best care possible and to let
them know how precious they are.  We will be held accountable!
Our puppies are raised up right in our home.  Starting with our bedroom for complete
privacy and the calming affect for the mother's.  Then they are moved to the dog bedroom
at approximately 3 weeks.  Our puppies are handled daily and I have a particular order of
raising them up so that they are confident and well adjusted.


                                                             Steve & Judy Cook

                                                              Wattsburg, PA. 16442



Pine Grove Doxies
The most well adjusted puppies you will ever find!
Front area of our property
Pine Grove Stable
Back Yard
Barn & Tack Room
Out Door Arena With Night Lighting
View From Back of Property
Behind Barn
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Off to a horse show .. yay!
To my beloved baby girl whom I
haven't seen nor talked to since
2010. God please heal her hurting
heart, and continue to give me what
I need to endure! God is good ...
ALL the time!
My best friend growing
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